One Room Challenge~Week 5

We are entering into the home stretch of the challenge.  This week I tried out a few different lamps for the nightstands.  I decided the ones I had found at Target just weren’t right for the space. 

ORC~week 5 I also hung the triptych, and all the curtain rods.  I washed and hung the curtains but will need to take them off to iron and hem.   I miss calculated the number of curtains I will need.  Anyone else become dazed and confused as soon as they enter IKEA?  So one more trip and that should do it!PB Sham

I ordered some shams from Pottery Barn.  Check them out here.  Before next week I need to upholster the box spring on our bed.  I also need to finalize the starburst medley above the bed.  And my last big project is to re-upholster the bench at the end of our bed, with this fabric.~


I can’t wait for the big reveal!!!  Thanks for cheering me on through this process.  Check out the rest of the ORC spaces here and the link-up party here.



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7 Responses to One Room Challenge~Week 5

  1. Your triptych is lovely! Can’t wait to see the finale!

  2. That dark fabric is going to look great against your fabulous bed. And I love the shams, you can’t go wrong with those, they’re a classic!

  3. It looks so serene and beautiful!

  4. Vel

    I can’t wait too, looks like your almost done Laura! Love the triptych!

  5. Good luck this week. I still can’t get over that bed. Looks really good.

  6. You are almost there. Love the shams from PB.

  7. It looks lovely! I have the same problem at Ikea. I think I must’ve made 3 trips when I was switching out hardware in the bathroom.

    xo Mary Jo

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