One Room Challenge~Master Bedroom Reveal

I did it!!!  This challenge was so very fun, and it would have been a breeze had real life not gotten in the way :)  But I’m glad I had a time line to keep me on track through a busy fall schedule.  So here it is~

Master Bedroom 

And just to remind you here is what I started with~

Master Bedroom Before 

This week I got the starburst mirror collection done and hung ~

Starburst mirror collection

pottery barn triptych 

I really love how the white curtains warmed up the wall of windows.

wall of windows

One of my favorite projects of this room was unexpectedly the re-vamping of the nightstands~


I have to say I love waking up in this soothing newly designed space.  I’m excited that I was able to re-purpose our furniture into a style that is more current and that we love!

Master Bedroom close up

Thank you so very much for checking in and cheering me along in this process.  I’d love for you to subscribe or keep checking in on the blog.  I plan on revealing the master bedroom retreat area and master bathroom very soon.

Thank you Linda for hosting such a fun challenge.  Go here to see Linda’s amazing room and all the other bloggers rooms.  And go here for the final link-up to see the amazing after’s of everyone that has been working hard these last 6 weeks.

Have a great day~



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17 Responses to One Room Challenge~Master Bedroom Reveal

  1. Beautiful…soothing and spa-like! Love the sunbursts…well done!!

  2. Debbie Van Leer

    Laura!!!!! It looks SO beautiful!!! You inspire me!!!! Wow!!! Debbie

  3. Very serene. I love your many windows!

  4. Beautiful job – love the color scheme and redoing your bed is a great money saver. Bravo!

  5. Soothing, was the first word that came to mind when I seen this beautiful room.

  6. Beautiful! I love the mirror collection and the color scheme that you went with.

  7. Really beautiful. I love the mirror collection. I cannot believe that is the same furniture only transformed. You are so talented. You are right, those white drapes look fantastic on the wall of windows. Great job.

  8. It’s gorgeous, Laura!! I love that you used what you had and completely transformed it, so inspiring!! Enjoy!!

  9. Fabi

    You are amazing!!! Great job!

  10. Great job…the mirrors give a nice focal point. I know you are so glad to have it finished….deadlines can be a good thing:)

  11. Vel

    Aaaaahhh! I can’t believe it’s the same room or furniture!! you did a terrific job Laura! You should be very proud and pleased!!!! CHEERS!

  12. Such a beautiful room and I LOVE that bed!

  13. Yay!! It looks wonderful!! Love your bed and your night tables look amazing. I also love the wall of windows with your draperies. Great job, you’ve got to be so happy!

  14. I can’t believe that’s the same furniture! Such pretty colors! Truly beautiful!!

  15. I think the window treatments made such a big difference. And I love the wall of mirrors. Beautiful!

  16. Tina

    Nice! The mirror collection is modern and unexpected. Love the birds and flowers pictures. Can you please post a shopping link for them. Thanks!

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