One Room Challenge-Week Two

From here on out the ORC updates should be better looking and more inspiring.

This week I wrote out a detailed to-do list.

I also started the bed project.  So far so good.  Here’s how the bed’s starting to come together~

044I gathered my supplies and made the two upholstered pieces.


I found this great fabric on clearance at Joanns.  It’s a linen texture but has a slight sheen to it. 

I started attaching the nail head trim, but then realized I will get a better result if I attach the upholstered pieces first and then hammer in the trim.  Here you can see the texture of the fabric and how pretty it looks with the nailhead trim.


Before I can attach the upholstered pieces I need to paint the parts of the bed that will still be exposed.  I went to Sherwin Williams and got two samples.  And I was pleased that one of them was a great match.


The paint on the post is the color I’m going with.  I plan to do a wash with a little bit of the wood grain showing through.  Then I’ll be sealing it with a white wax.  This will get done this weekend. 

This is the biggest project of the challenge.  Once the bed is done, I plan on painting the nightstands, and hanging the curtains.  My goal will be to get that done next week.

Linking up at Linda’s and knowing there are other’s DIYing themselves to new rooms is definitely a fun way to work on the room, and stay motivated.

Go here to see what Linda’s done this week, and the rest of the featured bloggers.  And go here to see the progress on all the room’s linked up.



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9 Responses to One Room Challenge-Week Two

  1. I love that color and the nailheads! This is going to be beautiful!

  2. this is going to look awesome!!! would have never thought to upholster a bed like this!!

  3. What a fun project!! I love the fabric you selected. Good luck with the painting,cant’ wait for an update!

  4. Kim

    I absolutely LOVE that you are adding fabric to your wood bed! This is going to be awesome! xo

  5. Your bed is going to be amazing. What a challenge, no pun. This will be the show-stopper of the room. Hang in there.

  6. OK, so that bed is looking like 3,000 times better than before. Great idea.

  7. Vel

    AaaaaH! Your bed looks stunning! I bet in the end this won’t look like DIY at all! Can’t wait to see more!

  8. That is absolutely gorgeous. I am very impressed with those ambitious DIYs.

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