One Room Challenge-Week 3

Can I just say I LOVE this challenge.  This month has been extremely busy.  I posted yesterday about the birthday party I helped with, and then this Sunday my kiddos school has a fundraiser that I’ve been very hands-on helping to prepare for it.  So had it not been for this challenge these projects would have taken a major backseat.  The One Room Challenge has forced me to stay focused and I have to say I am loving how my master bedroom is coming together.

This last week I finished painting and waxing the bed.  I added the trim to the footboard.  My local store has run out of nail head trim kits, but I ordered one from Amazon and I should receive it this week and get it installed.

work in progress

I started painting the nightstands.  And will finish them in the next few days.

nightstands  I made an Ikea run and picked up RIVTA drapery panels, and can’t wait to hang them.  I have to research how to make an extra long curtain rod.  I need one 158″…Any suggestions?Ikea Curtains I’d like to hang this art work in the next week.triptych And I’ve collected starburst mirrors.  I’ve had them quite a while, the large ones are from Target and the smaller 4 from Kohls.  The were all on clearance and got them all for around $40. 


I picked up some paint and metallic finish and want to create a more cohesive and soothing look with them.  One like my inspiration picture.

starburt mirror collection Via

Thank you for following along!  If you’d like to check in on highlighted bloggers doing ORC, please go here.  And if you’d like to check in on the link-up participants please go here. There are some inspiring rooms out there!



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12 Responses to One Room Challenge-Week 3

  1. Your bedroom is going to be gorgeous! I love the art and starburst mirrors!

  2. Those mirrors are great! If you’re looking for more, I bought one from Home Depot a couple of months ago that is already gold. It’s the Martha Stewart line and it’s really cute! Maybe they still have them!

  3. I love the mirrors and the direction this room is taking. Can’t wait to see more next week!

  4. Great finds on the mirrors. Those are going to look great up there! I’m loving your bed too by the way.

  5. I can tell you what my hubs and I did for extra long curtain rods – pvc pipe painted brown ( or you can leave them white) and then make a finial for it. This saved us a tremendous amount of money.

  6. Love your plans for those mirrors – and your bed looks great.

  7. The bed looks fantastic, the nightstands are coming together beautifully and the mirrors are so fun. Great job.

  8. Love your collection of mirrors and the inspiration photo, what a pretty statement it will make! Great job on your bed, too!

  9. Vel

    Love the sunburst mirror collection you have, it will look fantastic over the bed! For the rod, steel pipe is the only thing I can think of right now that’s cheap and easy, however, you won’t be able to paint that one (or could you? not sure). Good luck, things are looking beautiful already!

  10. Oh my goodness, I love the bed makeover! It looks amazing and well worth your efforts. Love where this room is going.
    Cathy @ Room Rx

  11. I’m in love with your triptych! Was that a one of a kind find?

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